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Divide et impera: in king Smart Phone we believe

Who is the most popular celebrity ever? No, it’s not van Persie, Kate Middleton, Rihanna or Ronaldo. He has a never-beating popularity index of 4 million for His first weekend of launch and I think no one else could even dream of such success! Have you guessed yet? Yes, I am now pleased to announce His Majesty King Smart Phone!

Having this in mind it is perhaps easy to guess which items have been added to the basket of goods used to measure how quickly consumer prices are rising, e.g. the inflation index. I will spare you the wondering:  the iPad and the Galaxy. Common sense, right? Such tablet devices have made our busy lives so much easier – now we can shop online, book appointments, check the weather, stay in touch with everybody and it’s all thanks to His Majesty: The Smart Phone!

However, as every other king, Smart Phone likes invading too.Moving slowly, creeping, crawling…His Majesty is one of those smart generals who win battles following the old axiom: divide et impera. You don’t know what I’m talking about? You will be surprised, just keep reading. Thin and small (actually not so small – the Dell phone is as big as my hand palm) king Smart Phone and his endless iPad/iPhone/laptop army  have already invaded our personal lives! When was the last time you were on the tube without obsessively checking your smart phone or holding your iPad? How many of those devices do you actually have? Recently I have stayed over at a friend’s place and I felt as if I had a night watch: that friend actually has a two or three smart phones (maybe more but that was all I saw), an iPad and all sort of such things…even keeping some of the phones under the pillow! Do you call it a tech-lover or a tech-addict?

I personally call it obsession. I see zombie-like people tweeting, facebooking, e-mailing etc. every morning, then at lunch time, then pre-dinner, after-dinner and even when they go to the bathroom (this reminds me of somebody, hope they are not reading)! I thought the tamagotchi era was gone or that a lot of people would prefer to have real pets but now I see so many people suffering from the “Sleeping with your phone” syndrom 0 turning their phone into a  pet or even a girlfriend! Yeah, have you seen the episode of The Big Bang Theory when Raj’s girlfriend was actually Apple’s Siri? Funny and tragic, I would say! I do think all of us need to fight back! Or, as the Economist puts it, let’s do some Digital Dieting, pals!


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A message to humanity

That’s Charlie Chaplin’s speech from his famous film “The Great Dictator”. It was made years ago to criticize Fascism but why does it remind me on recent events and similar characters? Watch it and then tell me if you agree with me. In the end of the video there are some nice quotes about freedom. I now would like to add one more: “Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am), Rene Descartes. History repeats itself. Isn’t it high time we learned from our mistakes?


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