UK PR agencies doing work for Quadafi???

30 Jan

More and more PR agencies are being approached by foreign dictatorships officials to deal with the current crisis.

I’m just flicking through PR Week where on the cover page I can see there is yet another UK PR agency to be targeted by protesters because of its links to the Gaddafi regime. Shocking!Disappointing! But is it really true that agencies are currently helping dictatorship regimes such as Gaddafi’s?

Joy! Lybian officials were trying to hire PR agencies but fortunately it came to nothing! Yes, Brown Lloyd James did do work for Gaddafi but back in 2009 when Lybia was recognised by British and American governments. So, is it that bad?

Panta rei! Things always change – what was good yesterday might not be good today and PR practitioners know this best! It’s PR professionals who best know how fragile a reputation is and it’s them who best know how to take care of reputation, especially their own!

Do you really think a decent PR practitioner would risk their own reputation with doing work for somebody who is generally hated? Certainly not!

I’m a bit disappointed! Is it becoming fashionable to attack PR agencies?  Why activists don’t  target governments that do business with such dictatorship regimes all the time instead of turning the PR industry into notorious spin?


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Posted by on January 30, 2012 in Middle East, Politics, PR


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