To make a promise and to keep it…PRICELESS!

30 Jan

No, I’m not going to write about that cool ad from the UEFA Champions League. Now when I mentioned it I’m sure people would pay more attention to what I’m blogging about because I just referred to football. To me this is one of the greatest ads ever for it does more than just promoting a product: it reminds on that word of honour called promise.   I like writing about words, their use and their meanings and I think now it’s the best time to ask you: Do you keep your promises? Or if you can’t stick to them do you apologize or you just leave the other person/people hanging? What does a promise mean to you?

To me a promise means a lot. It means I put my trust in somebody, it means I rely on this person, it means I believe that person or in other words this person means a lot to me. So keeping a promise show you care, shows respect, shows your manners and attitude. Or at least that’s how I see it. When I say I promise I do mean it and I never promise something I can’t make. Or if I can’t make it I certainly do everything possible to inform the other person and I do apologize and try to make up to them. Many people, for example, don’t bother to call if they are late or they simply forget about it. OK, life happens: once you forget, twice you forget….n times you forget and it turns into a habit. Or it seems you just don’t really care, doesn’t it? Like we say in my country: If you want to do something you always find a way; if you don’t want to do something – you always find an excuse. Probably I would sound a bit too old-fashioned or sensitive but what’s wrong with that? Since when it’s become old-fashioned to respect people?

It’s these “little” things that make the big ones. Or like we say in my country: “A word given – a stone thrown” – you can’t take it back and you should stick to your word. That’s what I try to do. If you never do it then why do you promise at all? The word “promise” simply loses its meaning, it just becomes chit-chat and eventually nobody really believes when you say “I promise”. I’ve noticed, especially around New Year’s Eve, that many people say they will now change their ways and lives for better because it’s a New Year – it’s a new beginning. Well, my views are quite different than that. The New Year is just another year – from January to  December. Every year many people say they will have a fresh new start and then nothing really changes – it’s just another New Year’s Eve with celebrations, friends, family, food, music etc. and then it comes another one…and another one. Do you really need a New Year to change your life? If you want to become a better man – do it. If you want to be a braver kid – then be. If you miss somebody – call. If you want something – go get it. Why do you need another New Year for that? You live now and tomorrow starts today! Why do you need to do something special for your sweetheart only on St. Valentine’s day? Or their birthday? Do you need a reason to say “I love you” or “I miss you” or “I care about you”? I don’t! I know in many societies the New Year’s Eve is related to customs and hopes for a better, healthier and happier year but come on, is that the only time we are supposed to hope for that? Aren’t we supposed to also do something to achieve it?

I’m not trying to change anybody’s habits or ways. I realized it is impossible long time ago. What I can change is my own ways. If more people do that then it’d make a difference. What about you?


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Posted by on January 30, 2012 in Ethics and Philosophy


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