All I want for Christmas is….BULGARIA AIR!

30 Jan

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, with every Christmas card I write may your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white!”

Do you remember this song? I bet you do! Do you still want a white Christmas? I bet you don’t!

Especially if you are stuck in Heathrow or another airport for a couple of days! As Western Europe was hit by an unusual amount of snow major airports were shut leaving hundreds of people stuck for a couple of days! What should airlines do in such a crisis? Some of them provided beds, food and even clowns to entertain their passengers in Frankfurt. Others, like BA, provided meals, hotel rooms, ticket refunds and ticket substitutes within the next 12 months. If only BA could postpone Christmas!

I’m lucky enough to be home watching all this on the news in my comfy living room in Bulgaria. Here there’s far more snow, temperatures are more freezing, weather conditions are generally bad during the winter, Sofia airport can’t be even compared to Heathrow and it’s still operating. So I’m wondering why measures weren’t taken on time? Was it that hard to predict this scenario?

Anyway, all this is not even surprising me. What really caught my attention was the kind gesture Bulgaria Air (Bulgaria’s National Carrier) made to all Bulgarian passengers stuck in British airports.

The number of Bulgarian citizens in the UK is large. Most of them are students, like me , who want to fly back home for the winter holiday.  Most of them booked their flights with a low – cost airlines like easyJet or Wizzair which means no refunds or entitlement of anything.

Fortunately they will be able to see their families as Bulgaria Air decided not only to save its own passengers with delayed flights, but also to send extra aircraft for all other Bulgarians no matter which airline they fly with! Airplanes were sent to Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton a couple of times and more airplanes are expected to fly to the UK these days.

I’ve never heard of another airline doing that and I think that’s very generous, humane and simply the greatest Christmas gift for all those helpless people in airports! What’s more, Bulgaria Air’s profile was definitely increased and I  think it should be an example of how to deal with such a crisis without causing a massive outrage and even keeping loyal customers and winning new ones!


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